B-FORM Ghost Aligner ®

Ghost Aligner ®

Sheet for dental alignment, made with a special polyurethane mixture (TPU), transparent and elastic, that allows to realize a dental aligner that produces a delicate strength and therefore more constant. This specificity creates important advantages to the orthodontist because it allows a more precise adhesion allowing for better control of tooth movement.
The great elasticity of GHOST ALIGNER optimizes byte adaptation to dental morphology, attachment, and interdental spaces obtaining excellent results. A better adhesion allows a more stable contact point and also a more constant strength and therefore a more precise teeth movement.
The aligners built with GHOST ALIGNER, while maintaining the same aesthetic and transparency characteristics of the other aligners on the market, are more comfortable to wear and remove as they are more elastic and they do not interfere with the phonese. They can be removed and inserted with ease. The aligners build with GHOST ALIGNER do not cause any discomfort to the gums and teeth of patients.
GHOST ALIGNER ® is covered on both sides with a thermoplastic protective film which is removed only after the thermoforming process, in this way the sheet maintains its original transparency and shine.

Available in square format (125 x 125 mm) and round format (Ø 120 mm and Ø 125 mm) with 0,50 mm, 0,75 mm and 1 mm thickness.

Pack of 20 disks packed together in triple-layer aluminum bags to protect them from light and humidity. .