B-FORM Deluxe termoformatrice automatica


Automatic thermoforming machine for an excellent result. Modern and attractive design. Equipped with a quartz resistance with rapid response, integrated vacuum motor and a color LCD display with a simple and intuitive interface.

Fully automatic model for an excellent result: after you have selected the type of sheet to be formatted, the thermoforming machine performs automatically the thermoforming process without any operator intervention.

Infrared temperature sensor: for the precise detection of the actual temperature of the sheet during the heating process in order to obtain thermoformed articles always all the same.

Universal compatibility and standard sheet format: in the B-PRO you can use all the materials and all formats of the sheet on the market (square 125 x 125 mm, round Ø 120 and Ø 125 mm), without change your habits.

Electrical absorption: 400 Watt - 3 A