B-PRO termoformatrice multipla automatica
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Professional model ideal for large productions, fully automatic, equipped with a multiple thermoforming system with 6 independent areas for an excellent and fast result: after activating the area to be used, selecting the type and the thickness of the sheet to be formatted, the thermoforming performs, in fully automatic mode, the entire thermoforming process and subsequent cooling of the disc without any intervention by the operator.

Production capacity: up to 6 aligners in 1 minute.

Areas can be activated and deactivated: each of the 6 areas can be activated or deactivated by the operator depending on the workload to be performed.

Dedicated resistance and vacuum: each of the 6 areas has a dedicated quartz resistance and vacuum engine that allow the performance optimization in every single area.

Automatic cooling: at the end of the thermoforming process the B-PRO will automatically cool, through a real air flow, the thermoformed product according to the its type of material and thickness.

Infrared temperature sensor: for the precise detection of the actual temperature of the sheet during the heating process in order to obtain thermoformed articles always all the same.

Universal compatibility and standard sheet format: in the B-PRO you can use all the materials and all formats of the sheet on the market (square 125 x 125 mm, round Ø 120 and Ø 125 mm), without change your habits but only increasing the productivity.

Electrical absorption: 2500 Watt - 16 A