B-RESIN Dental Model LCD/DLP UV Resin

Dental Model 3D Resin

3D resin, designed and developed in Italy, specific for the manufacture of high quality accurate dental models (models for aligners, crowns and bridges models, models with removable stumps, scanable and paintable studio models with acrylic finishes). The processing can be done starting from virtual STL models created with CAD software, bench scanners or intraoral scans.
The combination of reactivity and high fluidity allows:

Precise reproduction of anatomical parts without loss of details.
Great compatibility with LCD / DLP 3D printers (CLICK HERE TO CHECK COMPATIBILITY).
Facilitated detachment from the FEP film.
Optimized adhesion to the metallic printing plate.
Reliability in positioning full, emptied or vertical models with solid base.

UV resins are photopolymers sensitive to ultraviolet light sources, dedicated to printing on 3D printers with 405 nm LED LCD screen and detaching layer of the FEP fluoropolymer tray. The product has been formulated to maximize performance on low power 3D printers, while maintaining compatibility with high power UV DLP printers.

To facilitate the setting of the print to the customer, the resin is supplied with technical documentation containing parameters for the main brands of 3D printers on the market and for the main Slicing software used.
The documentation includes Tips for specific printers, guides to pre-print and post-print processes for better performance and fewer failures, facilitating the user in use.

After appropriate post-treatments of cleaning and UV finishing to normalize surface hardening, maximum mechanical performance and object stability over time are achieved.

Available in the colors: sand and grey.